Experimenting with Food

Joshua Chuandra requested for more on the things I cooked in college.  I will deliver.

Probably somewhere in highschool, I introduced myself to the concept of leftover casserole.  That is, when I brought lunch to school, it would be just a mixture of two or more leftover meals from previous days.  The true concept comes from Malcom in the Middle.


Oddly enough, that’s my favorite lunch to bring to work (or school).  Because, other than the context of a buffet, when else can you have teriyaki chicken over Mexican rice, or pasta and Chinese stir fry?  It’s through this where I kind of experienced the interesting mixes and combinations of flavors and textures.

I mean, cheese doesn’t normally exists in asian cuisine, which is a shame because it’s strangely delicious.  In particular, melting cheese on top of fried rice or ramen.  You or I wouldn’t know that unless our curiosity took us there.  It doesn’t have to weird like that either.  One thing I learned from Man Lauren is substituting pasta sauce with chicken tortilla soup (the thick kind).  With ravioli, it’s quite tasty.

A lot of things I cooked in college were made with whatever was left in the fridge/pantry or with whatever was on sale at the grocery store.  That being said, I’ve cooked some weird things.

Curry + Alfredo Sauce on your pasta.  Not too cheesy, not to curry-y.

I had a can of Pâté.  So I mixed it and onions into a red pasta sauce for a pseudo Liver and Onions dinner.  I did that to trick my roommate, because he said he would never eat liver and onions.  We both enjoyed it.

Out of pasta sauce one evening, I kind of created my own with cream cheese, a little olive oil, basil and canned clams.

Breakfast fried rice with sausage, for our traditional Fried Rice Saturdays.

Mac and Cheese with Pepperoni.

For the quarters that I went vegetarian, I still experimented.  Tofu in pasta.  Tofu based fillings for my burrito cravings.  Kidney beans or potatoes in my fried rice.  Pea Omelette.  Beating hummus into my eggs.

Call me weird, but these turned out to be pretty good.  Some of these ideas existed long before I tried them for myself too.

Although, Man Lauren would interpret this as the sole basis for my cooking.  He would often try to sneak things into my food while I was cooking.  Like blueberries and coffee.  Not cool.


If you have any suggestions of things for me to write or if you would like any sort of shout out, feel free to fill this out.  The same form is now embedded on this site.  Click the tab above!



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