So, a while back I wrote a post on how I enjoy relaxing over a hot cup of tea.  Now I’ll tell you what allows me to recover.


Nothing get’s me on road to recovery faster than a nice bowl of ramen!  My process for going about illnesses usually goes like this:

While not feeling well-
stay in bed
if strong enough to get out of bed, eat ramen
if ramen doesn’t help, eat medicine
if nothing works, seek real help

There’s nothing magical about it, and there’s certainly not much healthy about it.  It could be physical pain, sickness, food poisoning, heartache… whatever ails me, it makes it all better.


It’s especially delectable on a lazy Saturday morning.  Homemade or at a real ramen shop, it’s all good.  I’ve had some fun experimenting with my own ramen creations.  Though most of my homemade ramen cooking sessions end up going like this:

In my experience, Korean prepackaged ramen is the best for home cooking.  It’s more expensive for a reason.  My weirdest creation?  Using cream of chicken as a soup base.

The best of ramen I’ve had to date comes from Silverlake Ramen.  It’s one of the few places where I’ll drink up all the soup with it.  The worst?  Rutsu 18 and Modan.  Ajisen and Shinsengumi are good benchmarks.  Benten and Tamaya are up there too. (RIP Alhambra Tamaya)

Oh, pho is good too..

Call me weird, but hey, that’s just me.

What helps you recover?




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