The Clock

Introducing a new series topic, Show and Tell.  If you know me, you know that I sometimes put value into value-less things or achievements.  I’m also a sucker for limited edition or unique items.  But I’m not like my brother who picks a hobby and tries to collect all the things.  It’s rarely the value of something that makes it special to me.  So, I’ll be sharing about the ‘artifacts’ I’ve collected so far in life.  First off..


The Fabled Clock of 8-345

Room 345 in Building 8 was where I had about 90% of my Computer Science classes in school.  During my last year, the clock was off.  It wasn’t just an hour off from Daylight Savings Time, it was several hours and minutes off.  Also, it would stop ticking every now and then.  Something probably happened to it during a power surge or during one of the scheduled blackouts.

I know what you’re thinking; “maybe you would have better grades if you paid attention to the lecture rather than the clock!”  No, I didn’t really care; rather, our professor did.  Yes, the fact that the clock was off and/or that it didn’t tick really threw our professor on tilt.

On multiple occasions, he called the IT department about the broken clock.  A week passed, and we learned that the clocks on the walls were being run off an outdated system.  Someone has to sit in a control room and hit a button several times until it’s re-calibrated.  Each click of the button moved the clock forward one minute.  Apparently, our school was too cheap to pay someone the 15 minutes it would probably take to do that.

So one morning, I got to class and saw that it was ripped off the wall.  Yes, CPP’s solution to the broken clock was to get rid of it, so that looking at it wouldn’t bother anyone.  As it sat on the floor ready to be thrown out, our professor pointed out that we could take it if we wanted to.  My peers (the smart ones) joked about the rewiring and cool things they wanted to do with it over Summer.

When class let out, no one made a move for it.  So, I nabbed it before anyone had second thoughts.  It’s easily my favorite souvenir to date, as it serves as a memento to my college days in class.



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