An Unconventional Trophy

Although I do not have a wall of trophies, medals and awards like many of my peers and relatives, I am proud of the few I do have.  I’d show you them, but it’s easier to list because it’s so short: Piano and Violin Certificate of Merit Awards, Piano Junior Festival Trophy, Marathon Medal, San Diego Century Ride Medal and ‘Most Improved’ in Orchestra Certificate [and that’s a story for another time].  There are some miscellaneous ones from my younger years too from Bible Drill, Children’s Choir and Piano Community Service.

But the one that stands out the most isn’t a standard trophy cup or medallion; it’s a Earthenware pot!


It’s not worth much, just $2 because it’s clearly from Daiso.  I won it at YAN (Young Adult Network) Retreat.  This is important to me because when it comes to games or activities at retreats, events or even ice breakers, my team never wins.  It would usually be a mixture of misfortune, other teams cheating (or cheating better than most), or an overall unenthusiastic team.  When I have to be the most energetic on a team, that’s a problem.

Also, when it comes to these things, I tend to not try.  I used to be pretty competitive up until early-high school years, but I didn’t really like who I was when that side of me turned on.  So I always tune it down.  Besides, other than pride of winning, there was very little incentive to try to win.

This is why I applaud my brother for introducing awards to Junior Camp.  Even the miscellaneous achievement awards were pretty cool, like the infamous “Double-Tap” award; given to the kid on each team that felt they needed to tag you more than once to get you “out”.  As a result, I try to use awards in High School Camp now too.  It’s my hope that those kids cling onto the rewards for nostalgia or temporal happiness.  I spent good money on those medals.

So, at YAN retreat, the winner was promised special foreign gifts.  That wasn’t enough to entice me or the team.  Despite losing every round of games, our team still tried; it was the perfect mix of personalities.  The charisma and energy was enough.


We actually got most of our points from the bonuses, such as, taking team selfies or pictures with the speaker and posting it to Facebook.  We ended up winning because of it.  Along with the pots, the foreign prize ended up being M&M Crisps.  Apparently you can’t find them in the US anymore.  Perhaps the victory was so sweet because it wasn’t based on a test of strength or wit, rather it was our superior participation.  The pot wasn’t the actual trophy, but it’s a trophy to me.

What I’m trying to say is, awards are pretty cool, no matter how unofficial or silly.  I mean, I would love to work for a company that gives out Dundies.

Relevant Day[9] video:


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