It was a chilly Winter evening as all the guys gathered together for their weekly Bible study.  They were a vibrant group, they enjoyed each other’s company as much as they enjoyed joking around with one another.  As the last few of them straggled into the room, they settled down and looked to the leader.  It was time to be serious.

Like most Bible studies, they started off by reading the passage together.  The group paused a moment as all of them pulled out their Bibles and smart phones and flipped to the passage.  In a good mood, the leader looked to try something new.

“In reverence to God’s Word, let us stand as we read the verses together”, he said.  “Why don’t you start us off Shane?”

“Wait, why?”,  Shane replied.  “It’s so much easier if we all just read it sitting down.”

A couple seconds passed as all the guys gave each other a slightly confused look.  They knew that he wasn’t joking, he was being serious.  One of the guys spoke up.

“Because Shane.. we’re reading God’s word, that should be enough reason.  Besides, let’s listen to our leader.”

“Ugh, fine.” Shane said as he spitefully stood up.

He began reading the passage, but he muttered and mumbled every word until one of them stopped him.

“Uh, Shane?  Could you speak up?  We can’t quite hear you..”

“See!?  This is so dumb!”, Shane exclaimed.

He proceeded to sit back down and read his verse in a clear and coherent voice.  Not looking to give Shane any further attention, the rest of the guys stood up one by one to read their piece of the passage.

The study proceeded, though there was a bit of unaddressed tension that hung in the air for the rest of the night.  Shane’s lashing out was never brought up and he even acted like nothing ever happened.  Questions remained in the guys’ heads as the night concluded.  What was that all about?  Was he trying to disrespect the leader or the act of reading the Bible?

They never found out.



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