I’m not one to shop and I certainly don’t own many things.  And the things I do own, I treasure and keep on using them, even if they are outclassed by newer counterparts.  Especially when it came to purchasing my electronics, I always wanted it to be a little bit more special.  Although it doesn’t mean much since everything is mass produced.  I’d like to think it helped my possessions stand a centimeter above the crowd.  Here are some of the slightly more special things I own:

Dark Blue DS Lite – which I believe is a color you can only purchase in Hong Kong.  When I learned that bit of information, I had to get it.


Gold iPhone 5s – it was on higher demand, so I felt like I wanted it more too.  Hence, I name my phone, Liquid Gold


USC iPod – purchased from the USC bookstore when iPods were still a thing.  It definitely stuck out like a sore thumb in high school, where everyone had the standard white.  It stuck out still when the generation shifted to iPod Videos.  I named it A.W.E.S.O.M.E. – O.


Other than that, I chose to get the black Game Cube, rather than the purple one even when I was young.  And I chose to buy and use a cyclocross bike (named Blue Steel) when all my friends were using road bikes and fixies.

You may notice that I tend to give names to my electronics (and my bike).  I like to think that it gives me better ownership of my things.  In case you were wondering, I named my laptop Odius and my desktop Megamind.


Do you name your things?


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