During my time at Flavorus, there were a number of people that left, for various reasons.  And when people leave, they usually leave a handful of junk on their desk or in their desk drawer.  So I started this weird tradition where I would rummage through their stuff (after they left) and keep something as a memento.


Bumper stickers from Will.  The classmate that helped me get the job in the first place and a genius of a programmer.


An EDC poker chip from Nick.  Great project manager and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.


Jeff’s slinky.  Great designer and he was the type of negative that was funny to be around.


Sharpies and Toban‘s business cards from Jonathan’s desk.  Funny guy.  He just disappeared one day without telling many people.


[Ajusshi] Ivan’s orange stress ball.  Another great programmer who taught me everything there was to know at Flavorus.  He was also the only other Asian guy in the office for a while.  Because of that, I trusted him too much (so much so that he pranked me for it, haha).

I thought about passing these on to someone else as I left, but another coworker mentioned that if I had any amount of attachment to these things, that I should keep them.  And so I did.


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