V for Victory

October 21, 2005

San Marino High School had just finished the construction of their new football field.  After playing nothing but away games so far in the season, the Titans were ready to have their first real home game.  In fact, the field was so new, the scoreboard wasn’t even ready to be used yet.  A water polo scoreboard propped up by two chairs would have to suffice.  But the varsity team wouldn’t have the honor of christening the field, the JV team would get to play on it first.

The opponent this week was Monrovia; arguably one of the strongest schools in the league that year.

The JV team battled it out, and to their encouragement, were up two scores by halftime.

“It’s not over yet..”

“Don’t let up..”

The team muttered these things to each other as they walked into the locker room.  Before we even had a chance to settle down, Coach Mo exploded:

“DO NOT LET UP!  IF YOU EVEN LET UP FOR A SECOND… this game is theirs.”

The 15 minutes allotted for half time flew by as Coach gave everyone a pep talk and some adjustments to playmaking.

The JV team returned to the field.  After a couple bad plays, Monrovia was in the lead.  An uneasiness filled the air as the San Marino sideline realized their opponent just scored 21 unanswered points on them.  Time was running out too as special teams jogged onto the field for the kickoff return.  There was only a couple minutes left in the game.

Enter Brandon Brown.

Monrovia kicked off and our token African American on the team caught the ball and began running down the field.  I wish the video footage was uploaded somewhere so I could show you, because watching it all unfold was like magic.  Because at one point, we all saw him run into a pile of bodies.. and then he bursted out.  Open field with only the kicker to beat he ran, with incredible speed, 90 yards for the touchdown.

Demoralized, Monrovia never responded as San Marino closed out the game.  I was on that JV team.  We won the first game on our brand new field.  A joyous day!

photo (1)


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