As early as middle school, kids have been passing and sending grams to each other for birthdays and other relevant holidays.  Honestly, all it is was a half sheet of paper with a design on it, a note from the sender, and a small piece of candy taped to it.  I remember some kids getting as many as 5 on a given homeroom time.  But if you were like me, (regular, not-that-popular, would rather keep the 75 cents it would cost to send the gram), the only gram you really got was the during the last homeroom before Summer.  Student leadership would gather all the Summer birthday names together to send out to because there would be no other opportunity to do so.

And then high school came along and almost everyone brings their friends balloons, baked goodies and signs and stuff.  Again, I never received any of that.  Sure, there was Summer school, but it’s Summer, so who really cares anymore?  I can’t blame anyone, I was in the same mindset.

It might sound silly, but I always wanted that; the balloons and goodies.  And even all the hassle that accompanies it: carrying everything from class to class and having acquaintances approach you for a cupcake.  I think I learned to cherish and appreciate sentimental value early on in life.  You can see from my previous posts that I hang onto and put value into random things.

This year, my birthday happened to land on a Sunday.  I had shared the things mentioned above with some friends and they made my wish come true.  I got a balloon!

but it flew away when they opened the car door.. (see that tiny dot in the sky?)


But that’s okay, cause I care more about the thought.  I would keep this portion of the balloon anyway (the weight).  A good memento.


Thanks Leti!


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