Phil Wickham’s Autograph

Although I do understand the value and cool factor of having an autograph of a movie star, athlete or musician, I never thought too much of it.  Weird, right?  You’d think someone like me who values the randomest things would eat that concept up.  Frankly, I think I would value one of Stu’s napkin doodles over a guitar signed by Jon Foreman (and I love Switchfoot).

So, all that being said, the only real signed object I own is this:


Phil Wickham’s Signed Self Named CD

So, in 2006, FCBC LA had a Good Friday Service where we invited Phil Wickham and band to play at.  As far as I knew, he was a nobody.

1929817_38407645787_290_nThe only real picture I have to commemorate that day.  The rest are lost since my hard drive died on my first laptop…

The Service was given the theme “Free”, and he played some of the songs that we all know and love (Grace, Divine Romance, and I Adore You).  He wasn’t bad, and it was certainly a nice change in pace to seeing the same faces play on stage.  After the service, they had a table to sell CDs that they signed on the spot and they allowed you to take pictures with them.  But I actually didn’t line up and buy the CD then.  All my friends did and one of them actually gifted it to me as part of super nice birthday present package.

It was funny, by chance, Phil Wickham started to make a name for himself after that Good Friday Service.  My friends and I began to hear some of his songs on The Fish and Air 1.  So I guess I value it more now.  But probably more so because it was a gift.


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