Roommate Stories Part 6

To reiterate, the following is a compilation of (funny or not so funny) stories of the bad behavior and mannerisms of roommates. This doesn’t necessarily mean they were bad people, they just had instances of poor habits while living with them. These stories could be from my experience or from a friend’s experience. They could be from my days in college or a story passed on to me. In order to keep things ambiguous and to discourage witch hunts, I’ll tell all the stories from the first person point of view and each bad roommate will be depicted as a guy. In order to keep you guessing, this blog post will contain one lie. Now let’s hear some stories:

  • While living in an apartment, my roommate would often NOT do his dishes.  His excuse?  He would point out that the drying rack was full of dry dishes.  The thought of moving the dishes back into the cupboard never crossed his mind.  Sometimes he would purposefully stack his plates inefficiently, such that he could quit on washing early for the same reasons.
  • One of my roommates asked to borrow my laptop so that he could work on his project (he left his laptop at someone else’s place and it was getting late).  Before going to bed, I checked to see if things were going okay and I found that he was never working on a project.  Rather, he had been shopping online all this time.
  • 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms.  That means each person gets their own bathroom to themselves, right?  Wrong.  My roommate would often use my bathroom for seemingly no reason.  My speculation was that his bathroom was getting too dirty and that he was too lazy to maintain it.
  • I’m not sure if he neglected to or refused to bring his keys around with him, but one of my roommates often found himself locked out of the dorms.  We usually got calls at weird hours or while we were still in class from him.  He would frantically be asking to get in.
  • One night in the dorms, my roommate came back really late.  We were fast asleep but he turned on the light and was causing a ruckus because he couldn’t seem to find his backpack.  After a good five minutes, he realized it wasn’t even in the room and just left.
  • My roommate was feeling nice one evening and decided to tag team the dish washing with him.  I would scrub and he would rinse.  Things were going fine, but during the process he managed to drop not one, but two glass cups.  They were our other roommates’ cups.  He actually blamed the other guy for having glass cups.  He went to say that we should all have plastic cups so that stuff like this doesn’t happen.
  • There was this one time our roommate needed to get to campus, but he just missed the bus.  He asked to borrow one of our bicycles, which the other guy let him.  As he was about to step out the door, I asked him if he had a bike lock on him.  He responded with “no.. why?”.  It was a good thing I stopped him, because he was about to go to his 2 hour class lecture.  His plan might have been to prop the bike alongside the building and hope for the best.
  • My roommate notified me ahead of time that he was having some friends over, which I appreciated.  But after my long 4 hour lab, I came back and they were still there.  It was actually cooking dinner for the two of us as my roommate had trouble getting his friends to leave.  They were the type of guys that would overstay their welcome unfortunately.  I just wanted some time to myself to unwind, but long story short, they didn’t leave until they ate all my food.
  • I once had a roommate that had a rich background and upbringing.  Because of that fact, he was accustomed to leaving his dishes outside the bedroom for his maid to clean up.  Since we don’t have a maid, those dishes just sat there and piled up throughout the school year.  Mold and flies galore.
  • While dorming, I had a roommate who had his friend over a lot.  Whether it was homework or games, the friend would use my desk.  Because it was the dorms, I regularly locked my laptop to my desk.  Normally he would just shove my things aside and kind of work around it.  But there was one instance where he just placed his laptop on top of mine.  All the heat transfer and banging on his keys messed up my laptop permanently.

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