Cold Pizza

I had pizza more than once this week, so I was reminded of this instance.

I actually don’t quite remember which trip it was we got back from.  It was either my first China trip, or the Italy trip with my aunt, uncle, and cousins.  My only frame of reference is that it was after our house was remodeled (post 2001).

Anyways, my siblings and I were still young, which meant we didn’t really know how to beat jet lag.  We just stayed up on the plane to watch movies or play Gameboy.  The weird thing was, the jet lag didn’t hit us immediately, rather it got us a day and a half later.  It started with me, who suddenly woke up around 4am.  I tossed and turned a little bit and let out a sigh as I realized I was wide awake.  As I stared at the ceiling I suddenly heard my brother whisper to me:

“Are you awake..?”

“Yeah..” I replied.

I mumbled something like “let’s just play N64”, to which my brother agreed immediately.  We turned on the lights and moved to the far corner of our room.  We had previously set up a TV there for our entertainment.  Sure, we owned an Xbox, but for whatever reason, we were looking to revisit some old games.  We stuck in the Super Mario 64 cartridge and began to play.  We had a blast realizing we were a lot smarter now that we were 4-5 years older.  Suddenly the game wasn’t so frustratingly hard.  We kept quiet knowing that everyone else was probably asleep.

We were probably still a little noisy, because not too long after, our sister came into our room.  Apparently she woke up and couldn’t sleep either.  We ended up getting all 120 stars in Mario before we switched to some other games (Super Smash Bros, Kirby 64, Mario Kart).

While we were being restless, we all noticed we were getting hungry.  We had some leftover pizza in the fridge from dinner.  My siblings elected to reheat their pizza in the toaster oven, but I was impatiently hungry; I decided to eat it cold.  It was the first time I ever had cold pizza, but I still enjoyed it.  Little did I know that cold pizza was actually a thing.

It was a cool time to be young.  To let jet lag defeat you and to be able to spend the time with siblings doing slightly out of date things.  We played until the sun rose into the sky and we went about the rest of our day as if it never happened.


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