Clearing My Head


How did you manage your brain and memories before you had this blog to chronicle everything?

Up until I was 11, I spent many an afternoon after school at my grandma’s house.  When my great grandma was still around, she would walk a few laps around the backyard.  I picked up on this habit, sometimes even joining her outside.  While she was doing it for her general fitness at the age of ~80, I was doing it because there was nothing better to do at 4:30 pm.  It was the weird time frame where there was nothing good to watch on TV and I had finished my homework.

So I learned at a young age that walking was therapeutic (for me anyway).  As you might suspect, I had an imagination that I let run wild during those walks around the backyard.  It was a good outlet.  It also lead me to daydream less in class while in elementary school.

When I got my first bike, those walks around the backyard turned into leisurely rides around the block.  This happened during several parts of middle and high school.  It wouldn’t be uncommon for me to be biking around aimlessly at the middle school on a Saturday afternoon.  The open playground was nice to be on.  All this was nice to clear my thoughts and to get away from the computer a little bit.  Because I definitely spent a lot of time in front of one (and frankly, I still do).

In college, these therapeutic walks and bike rides became more and more necessary.  To the extent of basically making it a ritual.  The night before every midterm and final, I would take 30 to 40 minutes to step out and clear my head.  I didn’t like going to bed with a mind overloaded from studying.  At one point it was exclusively walking, for when I reached for my bike, Cheeseburger Eddie would want to ride along.  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy his company, sometimes I just wanted to clear my thoughts on my own.  He had a habit of wanting to ride at a fast pace and to race me at any given hill.

Those alone time moments were nice.  I had time to talk to God and to think out all the thoughts that crossed my mind.  Now that I work, it’s a little harder to find time to do this.  Although I do have this blog, sometimes it’s not enough.  I’m finding that the 20 minute commute to work is a nice quiet time.  I would walk / bike around my city at night, but it’s a little bit too dark and quiet.


How do you clear your mind?


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