The Pact Part 1

Summer 2006


Princeton and I were lazing around our grandma’s house on a warm Summer evening.  Like any other Monday night, we were waiting for everyone else to finish their dinner.  We began talking about the upcoming school year, where we would be juniors.  It wasn’t long until the topic of school dances came up.  After a little back and forth, Princeton convinced me to man up.  We made a pact that we would go to all the major school dances of our high school careers.  That is, we would go to Coronation (or Homecoming as it is commonly known) and Prom.  We would leave Winter Formal up to the girls, because at San Marino, it’s girl-ask-guy.

This would all be very new to me.  I never went to a dance in middle school, save grad night (not that that would have helped me).  So, asking a girl to a dance, would prove difficult because I’m shy.  Oh, and I didn’t know too many girls at that point.

So, the following is a short synopsis of all my high school dance experiences.  I contemplated making an extensive post for each dance, but I thought against it because it was so long ago and the details aren’t that important.

Coro ‘06


I asked my orchestra buddy and token white friend Jessie.  I’m a little embarrassed to share this, but I actually asked her to the dance in the 2nd to worst way possible (the worst way possible being via AIM).  She had a locker that could be kicked open and I left her a letter there.  She said yes, but she was a little disappointed in my approach.  It was here that I learned that simply asking “Will you go to Coro with me?” in person (with no fancy stuffs) would have been better.  But, we would call it even since she would turn out to be a “bad date”.  New to the dance scene herself, we spent a lot of the night just sitting.  Some fun facts for this dance: Matt, Stu and I all asked white girls (we beat yellow fever!) and the last song for the night was “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt (a song that ends with “..I will never be with you”).  Anticlimactic no? 

Prom ‘07


I asked Lauren who sat behind me in Spanish, 4th period.  Mutual friends aside, a lot of our friendship was built on me bailing her out in class.  It ranged from her copying my homework to me hiding the fact that she was sleeping in class from the teacher.  Learning from my previous mistake, I looked to be a little smoother this time around.  There was a rumor being passed around that someone on the tennis team was going to ask her.  Spring break passed and she was still available, so I went for it.  Everything happened perfectly.  It was pretty common in Spanish class to have about ~5 minutes to ourselves at the end of class as we waited for the lunch bell to ring.  I was listening to my iPod when Lauren asked “what are you listening to?”.  I told her I was listening to Grease and offered one of my earbuds.  She responded with “what’s this song called again?”.  When I showed her, she saw that I had changed the song title “You’re the One That I Want” to “Lauren, will you go to Prom with me?”.  Surprised, she said yes, but didn’t make a scene.  Sweet and discreet.  The night of Prom, we must have heard “Sweet Escape” at least 3 times.  And the last song of the night was some calm trance; so calm that we all decided to leave early.  Which would have been fine, except the coat check got super backed up.

Though I would not be asked to Winter Formal, all in all, I was happy with my Junior year (dance-wise).  And because of this, it was the start of my growth in confidence.

Stay tuned to learn about my senior year!


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