The Pact Part 2

Senior Year, 2007 – 2008


I thought about scanning in my whole collection of high school dance photos for fun.  But I decided that it wasn’t necessary, and some people might not like it.  Anyway, on to my senior dances:

Coro ‘07


I asked Brenda to our senior year Coronation.  She was another orchestra buddy, a musical prodigy and one of the most popular girls in school.  The creative juices weren’t quite flowing, but I scrapped something together, which ended up being pretty cool.  Since I was a senior, I didn’t have a 5th and 6th period.  So my friends and I camped outside of her Calculus class.  I had them hold a sign that said “Brenda, will you go to Coro-…” and that sign pointed at the ground.  I had written a trail of O’s on the ground that lead down the hall and around the corner.  I stood at the end of the trail with a sign that said “..with me?” and a bouquet of flowers.  But she had to stay in class a little late because she was talking to the teacher about something.  In that time, a crowd had formed, which made it like a scene from a Disney Channel movie.  I normally pay for my date’s dance ticket, but Brenda had a rule that she has to pay for herself.  I would get back at her by paying for her part of the yearbook ad of us and all of our friends.  Though you can’t really tell in the picture, Brenda convinced me to gel my hair into a faux hawk.  She didn’t think I’d do it, but I called her bluff.

Prom ‘08


I changed things up by asking Emily, from church.  Things got a little controversial when I brought it up with my parents.  I guess the concept of taking church girls to a dance was pretty taboo at the time, let alone dating in high school.  Nonetheless, what’s done is done.  The way our relationship worked, she would call me a “loser” as part of an inside joke we had.  So I took her to a park and lead her to a scavenger hunt.  On that hunt, she ran into my friends that had her do tasks that were impossible for her to complete (rubix cube, football toss, perfect pitch test..).  In a sense, she would “lose” all the games.  At the start of the hunt, she was given a key, but she wasn’t told what it was for.  At the end of the hunt, I emerged from the bushes with a treasure box and said something along the lines of “So you’ve been doing a lot of losing today, so you know how to think like a loser.  You must know what’s inside this box already.”  As she opened the box with the key, she would find a note that said “Will you go to prom with me?”.  It ended up being a fun night, like all the other dances I went to and looking back, I don’t really know what all the big fuss was about.

Anyway, at the end of it all Princeton DID NOT UPHOLD THE PACT.  He ended up only going to the Proms and failed to ask girls to Coro.  Perhaps the only instance that I am better than Princeton.


In reflection I wanted to comment on a couple things that were said about high school dances by our Sunday School teachers.

Byron said: “Going to a dance is like being married for one night.  Even if you’re just going as friends, you feel obligated to stay and do everything together for that night.”

I found that to be very true.  From paying for tickets and dinner, to walking around, to waiting for the other person to use the bathroom.  But then the slow dance song came on, and I found that we would avert our eyes and avoid eye contact until the song was over.

Ben said: “You don’t want to compare the way you ask a girl to a dance to how you’ll eventually propose.”

Believe me, the day I propose, it’ll be extravagant..

but not this extravagant..


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