In This City..

Summer 2008

It was our senior year and all of us, Clan WumboQ, were packed into a Jeep headed for the Navajo reservation in Arizona.  Serena and Andy were our drivers for this ~12 hour trek.  Since the drive was so extensive, it was only natural for us to fall asleep for several portions of the trip.

10400696_59029130787_9544_n 10400696_59029115787_8543_n

Around the 10.5 hour mark, the song “God of this City” came on.  There’s hardly any radio reception once you pass Barstow, but Serena had her iPod plugged in.  And one by one, we all sort of woke up.  As I opened my eyes, I saw Stu bobbing his head to the rhythm.  He began to air drum to it as well.  Slowly but surely, we all quietly sang along.  When the song subsided, we all looked at each other with a smirk.

“Yeah, this is going to be a good year”, the thought that crossed all of our minds.

This song was popular, it was pretty much the whole team’s source of inspiration for that week.  From pre-k to teens, this song was the prayer of each group.  Indeed it was a pretty crazy year to be on the rez.  We encountered various trials outside the normal rowdy kids and heavy heat.  We had a raging drugged teenager rampage about the campus.  There were many threats and rumors of a gang fight wanting to occur on Friday.  We had team discord based on entitlement and petty exceptions.  Dogs peed on our tents.  But despite it all, God used us to do amazing things that week.



I sifted through my pictures and didn’t really find any of worth other than sunrises, sunsets and dogs.  There were only sparse pictures of kids and our performances, but even then they were of poor quality.  You can see where my interest was at the time.  Or it shows that I was super hands on and involved.  Interpret however you wish to interpret it.


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