I’ve mentioned KZ (Kevin) a couple of times on this blog.  Remember?


This nostalgia trip is brought to you by “Secrets” by OneRepublic.  More specifically, starting from here:

This song came on during my haircut on Tuesday and I was instantly reminded.  You might be wondering: “Why would this song remind you of him?”.  “Secrets” was, and might still be, his ringtone of choice.  Whether it was an Epic event or if a bunch of us were just hanging out at an apartment, it would usually ring.  It was almost iconic.  Hear the song.  Think of Kevin.  Tell him his phone is ringing if he’s in a different room.

As you may know, I didn’t really know Kevin through during his time in college; I got to know him after he graduated from CPP.  When I still played League of Legends, we would spend many an evening together over Skype.  In between games and during loading screens, there were many opportunities to chat about life and other regular stuff.  And of course, on multiple occasions, I would suddenly hear his phone ring, with the same ringtone.

We actually haven’t talked in a while.  I’ve systematically quit and started playing again for various reasons.  Maybe it’s time for me to start up again…


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