That’s Okay

“That’s okay..”

A two-word sentence that my dad says a lot when conversing with my mom or my sister.  As such, it is a phrase I’ve adopted as well.

Things happen.  Drivers are idiots on the road.  You forgot to set your alarm after remembering to set it for 20 years of your life.  The boss is extra grumpy today.  It’s just not the right time of day for your friend’s snarkiness.  This math problem doesn’t make sense.  The program won’t compile.  You got waitlisted for the class you really needed.  You just can’t seem to win in the video game you’ve mastered.  Life isn’t going your way… You get the idea.

Sometimes, that’s all I can offer:  “That’s okay”

And sometimes, that might be enough.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of that phrase (whether from me or someone else), but it helps a lot.  Well, I guess depending on who it is and the gravity of the situation.  But still, sometimes, it’s more than listening, or problem solving, or analysis.

Try it


Relevant Day[9] video:


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