French Fries


I really really really like french fries.  It is one of my kryptonites.  Not in the sense that I will lose all strength around it, but rather it’s really hard for me to say no to fries.  It’s to the extent where I could be bloated from Korean barbecue and not be able to eat another bite and you asked me “do you want some fries?” I would “yes” so fast and without hesitation.  I could easily gain a second wind.. for french fries.

It’s silly.  I know that it’s just a side dish and the complex carbohydrates are terrible for me, but I’ll do it anyway.

In writing this, I totally had a flashback.  There was one summer where my sister watched a lot of the S Club 7 TV show on Fox Family.  I would watch too because there wasn’t much else to do on a lazy summer afternoon.  I recall an episode where one of the guys (also) loves french fries.  It’s hard to describe the scene and I can’t find the clip anywhere.  But the band is about to leave a diner in a hurry because they don’t want to deal with the manager, until a waitress stops them and offers them fries.  There, the guy turns around and says “wait, did you say fries?”.  And the next scene he’s eating a whole plate full.  So relatable.

I’m starting to be afraid that I might like fries as much as Day[9] likes donuts..

And don’t even get me started on carne asada fries..


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