Leading up to his wedding, I thought it’d be appropriate to talk about the interesting friendship I have with Daniel, whom many of you refer to as Danny.  I was asked how I know him and I started by giving the usual response that we grew up in the same church, he’s only a year older than me, we did the same church activities and now we serve together in college Sunday school.

After all was said and done, I then realized, he was my first small group leader in Hikoi!

1929817_38128145787_4586_n wiresg

It was probably the starting point of when I got to know him.  I’m sure there are plenty of funny or weird interactions between then and now.  Anyway, we do this weird thing where we shake our hands without shaking hands.  That is, we touch hands and stop there; like two literal dead fish shaking hands.


I forget when or why we started doing that, but it’s here to stay.

That’s all!


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