The First Taste of Freedom


I was a junior in high school when I first tasted freedom.  What do I mean?  I grew up with two siblings, which meant we did a lot of things together and as a family.  Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of good and fun times from that.  It just meant that whenever we traveled, be it to the mall or on vacation, we were always bound to each other.  If my sister wanted to go to Sanrio, we all went in.  If my brother wanted to go to Mong Kok to find shoes, we all took the subway there.  If my sister doesn’t want to be home alone, someone has to stay with her.  When we got a little bit older, I would often split off with my brother when we went to mall.  It became a habit for me to just follow him store to store.  As long as we stopped by the game shop and maybe the toy store, I was happy.  I was so used to it that it carried on even after I was old enough to wander the mall or a shopping plaza myself.

For this instance, it was Summer time.  It was a Saturday and I didn’t have much to do and had gotten a license not too long ago, so I drove myself to the mall.  I remember that I didn’t really have an objective either.  It was a weird feeling driving alone.  It’s not like I hadn’t done it before, I was used to driving my sister around (a task that is still required of me to this day).  As I parked the car and stepped out, that weird feeling intensified.  I could go wherever I wanted and start at whichever store I wanted.  There wasn’t a set time for me to stop and no location to meet up and leave at.  I was free.  There was nothing holding me back for that afternoon.

Sure, that day wasn’t very eventful, but it sticks out to me.  All I ended up doing was wander around aimlessly.  I ended up at Borders to read Walking Dead comics and before I left I picked up a baked potato from the food court as a late afternoon snack.

When I came back home my mom was surprised that I was out all afternoon by myself.  It was probably more so for the fact that I went to the mall and came back empty handed.

Anyway, I rarely get moments like these, where I can do nothing by myself and just wander.  But it’s probably for the best so that I don’t end up too anti-social.


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