That Time My Name was Joseph…

We sat around the mess hall anxiously awaiting the results of this year’s Associational Drills.  Our ears perked up when we heard our Drill session being called.  One by one, the moderator announced each person that passed.  We would then go up to receive our sticker that said we passed.  Given my last name, I was almost always last to be called.  I waited patiently for my name to be called at the end.  Caleb and I had the privilege of being in the same group and we both knew we did well.  We both easily scored 22 or 23 points out of a possible 25.  I had a poor performance last year, so I was making up for it this time.

“…and lastly, Joseph”, the moderator announced.

Caleb and I looked at each other as my heart sank.  My name was not called.  How could I fail?  Did my eyes wanders so much that I was docked that many points?  Were my steps forward not concrete enough?  Did I not make it on time for some of those rounds?

“Is Joseph here..?”, the moderator began to ask on the microphone.

Wait a minute.  In a matter of seconds my brain pieced everything together.  I distinctly remembered there was a girl that stood to my right during the drill and her last name was Wong.  She was number 12 and I was number 13, there was no Joseph in the drill that stood anywhere near me.  Something didn’t add up.  And that’s when I remembered.  That morning when I signed in, they had my name as Joseph on the registration sheet.  How you can misspell Joshua and make it Joseph is still beyond me.

“I’m Joseph!” I said to Caleb.

As we made eye contact he remembered the events that transpired that morning as well.  He ran up to the front with me to collect my sticker before they started announcing the next group’s winners.  Next stop, Regionals!

I was a 6th grader when this happened to me during Bible Drill season.  It was the first time my name was ‘misspelled’, but certainly not the last..



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