The Choir

During the start of my college career, I would come home for pretty much every weekend.  Especially during freshmen year, where I didn’t have a car to use yet, and it was just easier for laundry.  For every English Speaking Worship Service (formerly Worship@11), I always had a weird sense of peace as service ended.  The way our church always has the choir sing after the benediction reminds me of this scene in HBO’s Band of Brothers:

War-torn, battered, injured, dejected… that’s how it felt sometimes after a week of school (academically, of course).  The scene also describes the members that were missing or killed in action.  This resonates as well, as sometimes I wouldn’t see my friends as they were stuck studying at school or working on a project.  So, to hear the choir before I needed to pack up and head back to school was soothing, even if there was nothing to be worried about.  Sure, most of the time I wouldn’t go back until after dinner, but the concept was still there.  The fact that I had to wake up for class the next day still sat on my mind.  Even now, the fact that I have to wake up for work the next day still sits on my mind for the rest of Sunday afternoon.

With that being said, I enjoy and appreciate the choir in service, as meaningless as it might seem to others.  That’s just me.


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