Behind the Music: Sometimes (Prequel)

I was on my phone the other day, and I accidentally opened the voice recording app.  Before exiting out, I scrolled through what was there.  It was mostly recordings of the rain when I still worked at Flavorus.  The way the warehouse was built, it really amplified the rain’s pitter-patter.  At the very bottom of the list, I saw something dated December 2009.  I thought I had lost that recording a while back through upgrading my phone, but I guess the Apple cloud was able to recover it at some point.  Happy, I gave it a listen.  It was a hidden gem, like finding an extra pocket of meat on a rib or 2nd Christmas.  It was one of the first drafts of our song “Sometimes”.  You can read all about the making of that song here.

Matt, Stu, Marty and I were huddled around the piano on a Saturday evening.  We had just dug up Marty’s lyrics and Matt was expertly free styling on the piano.  We wanted to get something down before we went our separate ways, and I had the great idea to record it.  In case you were wondering, this was the line up:

Matt – Piano
Marty – Singer
Josh – Chorus Singer
Stu – Shaker and Background Vocal

Here it is, the first raw recording of “Sometimes”, enjoy!

As you can hear, it was a long way from the final product.  We were still experimenting with dynamics, lyrics and the flow of the chorus.  Before we all went home, we had some idea of how we wanted the chorus to change from “sometimes” to “always” (or a synonym of always).  After a few days of listening to this recording, Marty came back to us with a video of how he created the bridge.  Here he is unplugged:

And you guys know the rest of the story…


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