Sanity Day

Sanity day, a day to do all the nothing you want at your own leisure.  A day of this nature could be spent sleeping in, napping all day, and then heading to bed early.  It could be spent catching up on your emails and television shows.  It’s a day to spend indoors in comfy clothes.

Sanity days, we all need them, especially for introverts like myself.  It’s important to have one after a week or several days of sustained busyness.  Sometimes it’s not just school or work, but just a lot of stuff that takes up your “me-time”.  Dinner with the extended family one night, lunch with old high school buddies the next day, delivering a package for a friend out of the way home from work, tutoring your friend’s cousin’s brother… it all adds up.

This term was coined by an old coworker who would occasionally take a Monday or Friday off from work.  It sounds silly at first, but I remembered that his average commute was 1.5 hours one way.  I couldn’t blame him.

At this point in my life, sanity days are few.  Granted, I put myself in this position by choosing to be so involved in my church.  I know I joke about not working on the days that I work from home, but I still get stuff done as I do have deadlines to meet.  I guess it makes those pauses in workflow that much more enjoyable.  Too much nothingness can feel detrimental, but I won’t get into that.

My ideal sanity day?  Sleep in, but “sleeping in” for me is like 9:30.  Brunch, in the form of homemade ramen, of course.  Then watch TV or some leisurely computer time paired with a hot cup of tea.  Transition to a nap from there and some jogging to top off the day.

What does your sanity day look like?


“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” – Calvin and Hobbes


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