“Are we still doing this dance!?”

Derek let out a sigh of frustration.  After countless instances of being tormented and teased by them, they found it appropriate to continue even as we were now all upperclassmen in college.  And even as we were on a missions trip.

Being the servants we were, Derek and I set up 4 or 5 tents for the rest of the team.  As we were getting settled into our own tent, those guys had been idly waiting to kick us out and throw their stuff in to claim it as their own.  A jerk move, but what could we do?  They were in charge of the tent assignments.

Of course, I spent the night remembering all the times they felt the need to mess with us over all the years.  There was that Winter Retreat where they took all of our sleeping bags and threw them atop the cabin roof.  There was that Summer Camp where they broke into our cabin and rummaged through all of our things to find our toothpaste and hide it in the toilet.

The one time justice would have been served, the moment was inopportune.  We had preemptively found all the alarm clocks set to 3am they hid in our cabin and had every intention to give it back to them and say “I think you left these in our room…”

But that night they had a serious cabin time, what could we do?

It was a rough first night.  Like all the other instances, we shrugged it off and went on with the week.  It wasn’t even worth our time or energy to retaliate, let alone complain.

Alas, we’ve moved on and they’ve changed, so I guess all is well now.


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