This is a story of the last time I played sardines (and probably the last time ever).

It was about two weeks after I graduated college and my group of friends and peers wanted to do something for my 23rd birthday.  It was a simpler time.


Some of my friends had graduated a year before me and had been working.  Others had something waiting for them right out of school.  Some were purusing further education.  As for me, I had an internship at Siminsights.


Instead of the typical bar, party or drinking scene my friends were used to, they decided on a simple sushi dinner.  Well, because drinking, parties and bars aren’t my thing.  I was quite happy about that; they knew me and planned around me.


Dinner ended and the question posed was “what do we do now?”  It was barely 8pm and so the night was quite young.  All eyes were on me, the birthday man.  We already had dessert so that was off of the table.  There weren’t any good movies out to watch since I just saw World War Z.  I could tell that some of the guys were hoping to end up somewhere similar to Uncle Yu’s.

“Let’s play.. sardines?” I said.

I’m not sure why I said it.  I think a part of my mind was still in college.  And the other part of me wanted to relive some of the joys of playing it in high school.  I do remember Matt asking:

“Really?  Is that what you want to do Josh?”

Wanting to save the night from debauchery, I just went with it and said “Yeah!”.

So we scurried off to Caltech and paired off.  Casting lots, we decided on the team who would hide first.  And even though many weren’t really into the idea, it turned out to be a fun rest of the night.  Some friends even used this time to have a heart-to-heart with their pairing.

There was actually an event happening on the campus that night so one of the best hiding spots was within said event.  There was a small cocktail party happening, so we actually immersed ourselves to “hide” in it.  Because it is such a well lit campus, some of the joy was lost though.  Part of the fun is going through the darkest nooks and crannies with nothing more than your cellphone to light the way.  The slightest movements in the night would either alert you of the sardine in hiding or a mysterious challenger.  All in all though, it was a fun night (for me anyway).  It was also nice to kind of have a last hurrah as I entered young adulthood.


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