So I saw this video floating around Facebook the other day:

From that, I was reminded of that time I got lost in France with my sister and cousin, Andy.  It’s actually a simple story.  It was my aunt, my uncle, cousins Grace and Andy, my sister and I as we went on a ~1 week vacation in parts of France.  For this part of the trip, we weren’t part of the tour group yet and we were just exploring.  We used the train/subway system to get around and we were heading back to the hotel.  As the train came to a halt at our stop, a street performer came in and started playing his accordian.  The thing is, he blocked the entrance and so we (Andy, sister and I) attempted to go out the other door.  Automated for a fast paced environment, the doors began to close before we could get out.  The train sped off as we saw our aunt running after it.  Grace and my uncle were able to get off as well.

It might not seem like a significantly scary moment, but bare in mind that I was 13 in this story; which meant my sister was 11 and Andy was 15.  Visibly, my sister began to freak out a little bit.  I was scared, but I remember I was so focused on giving the accordion man a dirty look.  I didn’t even know that street performing on a subway/train was a thing.  Cellphone-less, we didn’t have a way to contact the others.  Money-less, we couldn’t buy a ticket to go backwards one stop.  Although, I’m sure we could have waited for another train to go the other way and just hop on.  Anyway, Andy was smart and decided we should just walk back in the direction of the other train stop, and ultimately, back to the hotel.  He lead us down the streets as if he knew what he was doing and within half an hour, we were back in our rooms, playing Gameboy to pass the time.

Another half hour later, the others came back and found us in our rooms.  They were relieved, but were mad at us.  Apparently they were waiting for us at the station for the past hour.  In hindsight, it would have made sense for them to do that and for us to go there first.  Again, we’re 13, 11 and 15 in this story.  Logical thinking was not very developed yet.


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