Thunder and Lightning

During Thanksgiving lunch at my grandma’s house, I had a faint memory.  I was in my great grandma’s old room.  Due to her old age, my grandpa housed her there for many years.  She passed away a few years ago, but her bathroom was still usable as all the other ones in the house were occupied.

While there, I remembered how my cousins, siblings and I spent a fair amount of time in her room.  If she wasn’t giving us candy or money with coins taped to it or scolding us, we were in there to hide from the loud sounds of thunder.  Granted, a lot of it was probably a monkey-see-monkey-do type of thing, it’s easy to just do what everyone else is doing when your ages  4-10.

One particular instance went like this.  Five of us (Jeremy, Grace, Andy, Ashley and I) were hanging out/playing in the living room on a stormy night.  Back then, the house wasn’t very lit, except for the light bleeding in from the kitchen and any residual light from outside.  We sat by the glass sliding doors as we did what kids did in the 90’s (play with their imaginations together).  When suddenly, a flash of light blinked, followed by a loud crack of thunder.  It wasn’t terribly loud, but it was enough to cause my sister to get scared and run into our great grandma’s room.  The rest of us giggled a little because of how scared she was.  And then as if God was punishing us for our teasing, an even louder crack of thunder occurred.  That cued all of us to run into our great grandma’s room as well.  Needless to say, we spent the remainder of our evening there as she sipped tea and talked to us.

Also, I remembered this:





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