Most Treasured Pokemon Cards

I don’t have a super extensive Pokemon card collection, but considering they’re almost 20 years old, I’d say they’re pretty vintage.  Yes, I was 6 or 7 when the craze hit North America.  I remember the inflation of the booster pack; somehow Orbit justified selling one booster pack for $7 a piece.  It was probably the peak of Gamekeeper before so many of their storefronts closed down.  There were lines that lead outside the store, with a buying limit of 10 booster packs per customer.  I was buying packs throughout the Jungle, Fossil and Team Rocket expansions until I eventually grew out of it.

It’s not much, but here’s the shoe box that houses my old Pokemon cards.  I even still have the few decks I made:


Due to me not sleeving my cards, I can’t imagine they’re worth much, not even my Charizard.


Before he got married and moved out of his parents’ house, my cousin handed me the remnants of his collection.  This handful of cards:


All those aside, perhaps the cards that I treasure the most are these:


They are movie promo cards.  Not to be mistaken with the cards you get when you watched the movie.  I don’t know if card publishers still do this, where they release cards with movie snippets and info on it, and they’re sold in a booster pack as well.

Some back story.  It was a Saturday afternoon and I was just in my room playing with my toys or something.  My mom was running errands and on her way back she picked up a pack of those cards pictured above.  She didn’t know that they weren’t the playing cards.  She just saw Pokemon and a pack and figured it was what I’ve been wanting.  I remember her asking me if they were the right ones as she handed them to me.  I solemnly said “no..”, but still appreciated them (it was a Pokemon item after all).  Keep in mind that I’m 9 years old in this story, yet a part of me understood the thought and effort she put into it.  I even added it to my card binder, putting them into its own 9-slot page section.  Come to think of it, that pack of cards might be the only pack of cards my mom ever bought me.  Other than Pokemon, I played Overpower, Yugioh, Magic and Magi-nation.  The sentimental value is through the roof.


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