H2 Oh Yeah!

Other than tea, the only other beverage I really drink is water.  Maybe the occasional glass of orange juice, but not really any more.

I drank a lot of soda growing up, but halfway through my freshman year in college I decided to stop.  Mainly because of how unhealthy it is, but also because I realized I just want something (anything) cool and refreshing during/after a meal.  That being said, ice water satisfies that.  No need for the carbonation.  No need for the sweetness.  Even tepid water will do.

This extends to when I go out with friends to a boba tea shop or Jamba Juice in that I usually don’t get anything.  As for plain brewed tea at a boba shop, I don’t find it logical to spend money on something I can easily make at home (and it’ll probably taste better and be hotter that way too).

Short post, but there’s not much too it.  Drink up!


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