Weird Scheduling

One thing that high school prepared me for in college was weird scheduling; specifically during my senior year.  It wasn’t uncommon to not have a 6th period.  It was understandable, as San Marino offered a few 0 period classes and there were sports that had practice early in the morning too.  And there were a few semesters in my high school career that were a little overloaded (7 periods, 0 through 6).  Because of that, I was all set to have the dream schedule of a senior.  5 classes, 0 period to 4th period.  It essentially gave me a 3 hour lunch, because I still had to come back to pick up my sister.  It was great, but I only got to experience this for a quarter.

2nd semester began and my classes were shuffled a bit.  My dream schedule remained intact, so I was happy.  That is, until the first day of class.  It was 1st period English and I found a good spot at my desk as all my peers came in too.  As chairs were filled, we found that all ~30+ desks were filled and there were still about 6 students standing around.  Everyone double checked their schedules and made sure this was the right classroom and right teacher.  After a few minutes of confusion, an office admin walked in to clear the air.  There was a scheduling error as several students begged and pleaded to have Mrs. Smith for their 2nd semester and the guidance counselor signed off on all of the requests without thinking.  So the office admin went on to say that 6 students would be kicked out of this class.  The students that would be kicked out first are the ones without a 6th period.  I forget the logic behind why this made sense, but I think it was just a quick fix to this debacle.  I know it was a quick fix because rather than shuffle the schedules again, they just removed our first periods.

I was livid.

I think it bothered me most that the kids that WANTED this class got their way (as opposed to needed).  The office admin went on to talk about the advantages of having no 1st period; you get to sleep in, you have time for breakfast, it’s like a mini late start everyday.. Great, except I still have 0 period orchestra.  So my day was now 0, 2, snack, 3, 4, lunch, 6.  Two odd one hour gaps in my day.  Thus, I spent my days trying to sleep in the library and/or surf through the heavily blocked web from a library computer.

This is where you might expect to write about how there was an upside to this or that there was moment that made it worth it to have no 1st period.  But honestly, there wasn’t.  This was just and still is so dumb.


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