First Recording

April 16, 2005

It was Fishfest 2005, and I, along with a handful of friends, decided we were going to go that year.  Before all the big named bands/artists performed, we wandered around the many booths and activities the site had to offer.  Among those booths was a Guitar Center one, and they were giving people a chance to record one song onto a CD.  They had your typical worship band instruments available and ready to use (guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, etc.).

I actually dug up and found the old CD.  Have a listen:

Listen to the end, and you’ll hear Emily applaud and chuckle (or was it Michelle?)  Can’t remember.

In case you’re wondering:

Marty – Lead Guitar and Vocal
Steph – Vocal
Josh – Keyboard
Austin – Bass

I found it pretty interesting to hear.  I mean, you can clearly hear our inexperience.  My keyboard playing consisted of basic chords, Marty and Steph’s voices weren’t as strong or developed yet, little dynamics and we messed up a couple of times.  Remember, we’re 14 or 15 years old here.  So, not too bad, right?  Add to the fact that it was practically improvised.  I remember being basically dragged into it.  We stood in front of our instruments and Marty gave a quick rundown of the chords and how he would progress through the song.  And then we kind of just ran with it.  If I recall correctly, I was a last minute swap, as Emily wasn’t quite confident enough to jump onto the keyboard like that.

We listened to it once and called it good before they burned it onto a CD for us.  The next music set was starting up soon and we didn’t want to miss it.


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