The Best Worst Distraction

I meant to write about this a while back, but I was a little embarrassed.  Anyway, this untold story and nostalgia trip is brought to you by this YouTube video:

It was Spring 2013 in school and we were about half-way through finals week.  Eddie and I were gearing up for our last finals of the quarter.  For me, it would be my last final ever; for Eddie, he still had Summer school to finish up a couple of classes.  The two of us were diligently studying as dinner neared.  Finished with finals already, Man Lauren stopped by to visit/bother us.  In typical 140E fashion, the door was unlocked anyway, so there wasn’t much impeding him.

He didn’t stay for long, but before he left, he told us of this anime called “Attack on Titan”.  He even convinced us to watch the first episode with him.  It’s hard to turn down his charming smile, and besides, we deserved a break leading into dinner.

Long story short, Eddie and I watched the next episode as we ate dinner.  And then we watched another one…


And another one…

Until next thing we know, it’s like 9pm and we’re all caught up with the show.  Joe, Rachel and Ann stopped by later (with pizza) and inquired about what we did all day.  To which we shamefully described this same story.  And then we hurried back off to studying, distracted with the same thought on our mind:

“I can’t wait for the next episode to come out next week!”


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