3rd Grade Flashback

I had the oddest flashback.  It occurred as I stuck my office key into the doorknob when I arrived at work the other day.  For, turning the key reminded me of a moment in 3rd grade.  My best friends and classmates in Carver then?  Winston and Tiffany.  Winston found a key on the ground, and he kept it in his desk.  During down/free times in class, he would try to “sell” it to us by bringing it out and spinning it in slow motion while humming this song:

If you didn’t play Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you might not fully understand that.

Anyway, the flashback went a little further in my memory as I recalled that we used to collect eraser dust.

Yes.  Eraser dust.

It began as an innocent hobby.  Amongst some of the prizes our teacher, Mrs. Dambrun, gave us was erasers.  There were a few colors to choose from, and they were the type of erasers that looked like this:


Except, they didn’t erase pen (yet).

I forget who started it, but one of them thought it was cool to collect the eraser scraps/dust into a lead pencil case.  The mixture of teal, pink and other colors in a clear container made for a poor man’s confetti in a bottle.  And because our imaginations were HUGE, we decided that these containers would be like our Pokemon.  And to “train” them, we would fill it with more dust.  We even drew Pokemon on a small piece of paper and taped it on.  Remember, we’re 7 and 8 years old at this moment in time.

It soon got to a point where we couldn’t wait to erase things anymore.  Rather, we essentially harvested the erasers manually by whatever means we could (erasing nothing, friction, etc.).  And then we became 4th graders and forgot about it.  I wish I dug it up and had a picture for you, but no, I’m very certain I threw mine out a long time ago.


Three’s company..


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