The Tilt: The First Snag in the Road

I’ve been unemployed before, so I wasn’t super sad.  And again, I wasn’t let go due to my performance, the company was having issues.  I told everyone that needed to know what happened pretty much immediately.  On top of that, I emailed recruiters that I was in contact with in the past.  In good old Josh fashion, I attacked the situation right away.  I didn’t take a couple days to recoup or anything like that.

Truth be told, I was already passively looking for another job before it all went down.  Getting laid off just helped push me to do it more.  As I told people, I saw all this as a blessing in disguise.  Although he was next on the chopping block, my supervisor (Enterprise Architect) was still at the company.  He called me a few times and assured me that I would be able to get a job really fast since he would give me glowing reviews and that he was confident in my abilities.

So I was in good spirits as I woke up the next day.  I initially got a lot of phone calls from recruiters, both new and old.  And I even had a couple of phone interviews scheduled right off the bat.  I was so confident that I would be working again that I didn’t sign up for unemployment benefits.  Had I known that it takes a couple of weeks to kick in, I would have done it right away.  Lesson learned.

Which leads me to my first snag in the road.  There were a lot of moments during this stage in life where things weren’t going quite right.  They were minor inconveniences really, but they can add up.  The following week I applied for unemployment, but there was a mix up.  Apparently, when I input my SSN into the system, another man’s name appeared.  I was afraid my identity had been stolen.

I had to come in the next day with my passport and SSN card to prove that that was in fact my SSN and that I wasn’t the one trying to steal someone else’s unemployment benefits.  Again, they input my information and that same man appeared on their computer screen.  The lady at the front desk had to bring it up with upper management to fix it.  It took a fair amount of time, but it turns out that man signed in with the wrong SSN many years ago and just left the account to sit there since 2008.  It was hard to believe, but they told me this happens all the time.

It tilted me to know that I had to devote all this time and energy getting this sorted out.  And that was precious time and energy I could have spent applying to new jobs.


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