The Tilt: Losing My Footing

gR2tBNUYeah, it kind of felt like that.  When Whitebeard tilted the world with his powers..

Despite being unemployed, I still kept a sleep schedule as if I was still working.  That is, I still slept around 11 and woke up around 7.  I did this so that I could just jump into working again if needed, and not have to break out a cycle of sleeping at 3am and waking up at 12pm.  Aside from phone calls and applying for jobs online, a typical day included regular exercise and making some extra money via Amazon Mturk.  I tried to keep busy to refrain from becoming nothing more than a washed up couch potato.

As mentioned before, there were a lot of minor inconveniences that were rather annoying.  They were probably amplified more so because I was going through it during unemployment.  For starters, I put on a few pounds.  Not a lot, but enough for me to notice that my pants were feeling tighter.  I guess my metabolism decided to go down a few notches or maybe my situation was affecting it.  Despite my jogging and dressing-less salad for lunch everyday, I was producing negative results.  It wasn’t the end of the world, but it made me feel bad.

And then my computer started having issues.  One day while using it, it suddenly started moving at the speed of an iceberg.  Yes, my desktop is 5 years old, but it was running completely fine up until that moment.  Luckily, I still had my old college laptop to use; it was sufficient for responding to emails and searching job boards.  It took just over a week of researching on forums, dismantling my computer, switching parts and running scans until I found the issues.  The battle was on two fronts.  One, my liquid cooling heatsink wasn’t working anymore, so I had to buy and install a new one.  And two, the anti-virus software my dad gave me was so up to date, it was causing infinite loops on my Windows 7 machine, causing the sudden slowness.  So I reverted it back to free antivirus software.  I was so relieved to fix it, as people were already telling me to abandon it and buy a new one.  Still, it took a fair amount of my time.

And then I learned that my Hikoi pairing didn’t have the popular vote during NomCom meetings.  It was hard to hear and I literally volunteered for this.  Because, to a certain extent, it reflects how good of a counselor I was.  Did I support or guide him enough?  Did I make sure he planned and did what he wanted to do well?  And more importantly, did I fight for him hard enough as I sat there in the meeting?  Hard to say.  But alas, what’s done is done and perhaps it is for the better.

I would go on to have two pretty good interviews at Kaiser Permanente.  After getting my hopes up and telling friends and family that I have a good feeling about this one, they didn’t extend an offer.  Back to square one.  Shot down again.  Around this time, I had been unemployed for 7 or 8 weeks.


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