Un-Tilting: It Wasn’t All Bad Stuff

Throughout all of this, I was in a bit of a funk.  Thankfully, I’m still living at home, so it’s not like I was paying rent.  I was arguably in the most comfortable environment to be job searching.  Although, I found it hard to take interview advice from my parents.  They are the type of people that only ever needed to interview once, and many years ago.  So, a lot of things they tried to advise me on were obvious already (dressing up, bringing a resume, how to talk, etc.).

There was some good that happened during this time period.  For starters, I was able to work on cleaning and organizing parts of my room.  I also had a chance to conveniently take my car into the mechanic for an oil change, and eventually a smog test later.  I ran errands for my parents, including picking up my sister from the airport for her spring break.  All serious stuff aside, I did get to have some fun.  Driving down to see my girlfriend was easier, and I had time to reach legend in Hearthstone (something that I never thought I would have time to do).

The thing that sticks out the most involves my neighbor across the street.  There was one morning where I heard the doorbell ring.  I thought it would be a package delivery or a solicitor, but it turned out to be the neighbor’s grandma.  She needed help contacting the sanitation department.  They skipped their house because they forgot to leave their gate open.  Really, all that I did was give her a phone number and instructions on what to say and do, but she was very grateful about it all.  A firm believer in everything happens for a reason, I started thinking to myself:

“If all this time of unemployment was for that little moment of helping my neighbor, I guess I’d be okay with that..”

However simple that was, it boosted my spirits a little bit.


One thought on “Un-Tilting: It Wasn’t All Bad Stuff

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