Un-Tilted: Perfektenschlag

Around the end of my 8th week of unemployment I got a call from a number I recognized.  It was the recruiter that initially got me an interview with Kaiser Permanente.  She told me that the guy that Kaiser gave an offer to turned it down to pursue other things.  So, she was reaching out to me again to see if I was still job searching.  It was a short call; as soon as I confirmed that I was still looking, she said she’d get back to me to see if Kaiser was still remotely interested in revisiting me.

I didn’t think too much of it as wasn’t being too optimistic.  But she called back the next day to set up a third interview with Kaiser.  I went through the motions again of showing up and putting my best foot forward.  The following Monday, they extended an offer.

A job offer.

After all this time of unemployment and tilt, I didn’t have any zeal in me to feel excited.  At least, initially any way.  It took me a bit, but I had to remind myself why I was excited about this job the first time around and why I had a good feeling.  Flexible hours, super close to home, good work benefits.. It all came back to me.  There were some points of inner debate as I essentially got a job offer from LA Fitness in Irvine a few days later, but I ended up turning them down.  For it would later be revealed to me how right of a fit Kaiser was for me.  They asked me if I had any pre-planned vacations and I told them about camp, which they approved without question.  As my aunt puts it, God blessed me for prioritizing location.  Close to home, close to church, where I can continue serving in my ministries.

I wouldn’t start right away though.  Kaiser and the recruiting firm would need to run a ton of background checks over the course of two weeks.  But at least it was a stress free two weeks where I wasn’t job searching anymore.  Total time of unemployment?  11 weeks (including the background checks)

So, since I’m a gamer, I like to think of my job history in terms of pro gaming teams.  As such, it’s been..

SIM Josh
RCS Josh
FLV Josh
FLN Josh

And now.. KSR Josh.  And it’s been cool so far.


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