Office Hours on “EPIC Alumni Day”

Months after I graduated college, I formulated an idea that I wanted to revisit my school, Cal Poly Pomona.  I would still know a handful of people via EPIC and I thought it would be fun to visit, hang out, have lunch and/or catch up.  Especially since the club meetings were at noon on Tuesdays, it was easier to make a day out of it.  The first time around, Eddie, Lauren and I took a day off from work to visit on the first Tuesday of the Spring Quarter.  It just so happened that day was April 1, 2014, so as you can imagine, we had some fun saying “April Fools” as we surprised old friends and familiar faces with our presence.  A fun day for everyone.  I enjoy the idea of legacy, so I kind of wanted this “EPIC Alumni Day” to be a tradition of sorts.  Not a huge tradition, because it might be weird if we visited too much.  I remember in high school, some of my friends would make fun of the college freshmen that came back to visit at the start of the school year.

We would go on to do it again on the first Tuesday of the following Winter Quarter (1/6/15), but this time I would get more Alumni to come out.  As a side note, this would be the last time we would do this.  With the whole thing of campuses not recognizing Christian clubs anymore, EPIC would (finally?) shift to meeting at night.  For this day, we had some down time that aligned with one of my previous professor’s office hours.  The professor I visited was Dr. Young.


He was a fun-loving professor that I had for a couple of classes.  He would always have these anecdotes and metaphors that he would reference during classes.  For example, on test days, he would say that we should spread out across the classroom, so that we can have plenty of elbow room, so that we don’t “accidentally” elbow each other like World-Peace did to Harden.

That was his way of saying “don’t cheat off of each other”

One day, he had a random rant about how he wanted to be able to silence his phone, but only have it ring if his wife calls.  Iphone’s do-not-disturb feature didn’t exist yet, and so he wasn’t satisfied with vibrate mode.  I remembered this as I stepped into his office.  I guess he was in first-day-professor mode, because he immediately told me that his classes were full and that he couldn’t add anyone.  When I told him I wasn’t here for that, he then asked if I needed a recommendation letter for graduate school.  Before he kept going, I told him what I remembered and told him about that iPhone feature.  If you didn’t know either, if your phone is on do-not-disturb mode, all calls will be ignored except for the phone numbers on your favorites list.  Even though it was a simple thing, he was quite grateful to learn about it.  He even offered to write me a recommendation letter if I ever needed one.  We chatted a bit more about the churches we attended before he had to run off to his class.

It’s the simple things in life.


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