A Weekend in SF, Day 3

7/4/16, Monday

Once more, we woke up early.  We needed to check out and beat everyone else to it.  First item on our agenda was to head back to my sister’s apartment in Sacramento.  We had brunch plans at Cafeteria 15L, where we would also be meeting up with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s mom.  After we crossed the bridge and got out of the city, we quickly pulled over to nearest the Starbucks, which happened to be inside a target.  This gave us a chance to grab a quick bite and pause for a bathroom break before the long ride back.  My brother had the privilege of driving the rental car for this leg.  With clear roadways, he got us back in record time.  Back to hot weather.

Recently, my sister had been complaining about a spider problem in front of her apartment.  I don’t think too many of us thought much of it until we saw it for ourselves.  The walkway and stairway leading to her front door was like Shelob’s lair.  Or the way she likes to describe it, “Halloween decorations”.  Spiders are bigger in Sacramento I think, at least this one that I found:


After putting some things down, we made our way to brunch.  It was a pretty nice pick for a place to eat.  After exchanging greetings we were seated as we made a reservation in advance.  I was pretty satisfied with their Mexican Skillet.


For some reason, I was extra hungry that morning.  My siblings kept offering me what was left on their plate and I found it so hard to say “no”.  This restaurant has a bathroom that turns you into a vampire.


(no reflection!)

Just kidding, it’s a giant window between the girl’s and guy’s bathroom, disguised to look like a mirror.  Don’t worry, it’s just the sinks that are like this, the rest of the bathroom is concealed as normal.  Clever nonetheless.

After brunch, my sister wanted ice cream (again), so we went to Gunther’s.  They have chili dogs and sandwiches on their menu, but I wonder who has actually ordered it.  Anyway, I ended up sharing a fruit freeze/ice cream with my sister.


Afterwards, the lot of us went back to my sister’s apartment to hangout before our flight.  We passed the time lounging around and watching Netflix together.  The day before, my brother bought a couple packs of Beanboozled jelly beans for us to play with.  In six tries, I managed to get only bad flavors.  Sad day.

To move around a little bit, we decided to go and walk around the nearby Walmart.  It was funny, everyone ended up buying a little something.  Then we gathered our things, said our goodbyes and headed to the airport to catch our flight.  Despite being in the last group let on board of a Southwest flight, I was able to get an aisle seat in the 9th row.  It was a full flight too.

After that trip, I still fail to see why some of my friends, peers and acquaintances ran away to Northern California.  True, my sample size was just SF (busy city) and Sac (quiet city).  Yes, sometimes people just want a different scene.  Yeah, it was just a weekend.  And I’m sure it works both ways in that people don’t think much of LA and Southern California; but they regard it so highly?  Not my cup of tea I guess.


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