A Weekend in Portland, Day 2

7/9/16, Saturday

Eddie, Lauren and I woke up early to tag team-cook breakfast.  Eggs, toast, sausage, bananas, peanut butter and jelly; all pieces of a well balanced meal.  We had to make sure it was ready by the time everyone was done with their morning routine.  With only one bathroom for six people, I’m surprised we never had to fight for it.


After breakfast Eddie, Lauren and Travis went to Stumptown Coffee Roasters to pick up drinks for everybody.  I hung back as I had some emails to tend to.  The girls were tasked with cleaning up and making sandwiches for our hike later(no misogyny intended!).

We planned to do a 5 mile hike around Multnomah / Wahkeena falls for the brunt of the day.  It’s a loop, so it’s not like it was 5 miles out and 5 miles back, thankfully.  True, I was a little intimidated by it when I first heard we were going to do this.  It’s been a while since I was this active.  The trail was about a 40 minute drive away, so we suited up, packed our sandwiches and headed out as soon as we could.  Since it was still pretty early in the morning, we found a good parking spot at the foot of the trail.

First impressions?  Green everywhere and lots of it.  Certainly a nice scenery change from some of the dusty hiking trails of California.

IMG_3654 IMG_3655 IMG_3668 IMG_3671

As the hike description promised, we were set to see 8 waterfalls; each as cool as the next.  Unfortunately, after seeing the first one, it began to rain a little bit.  Yes, we all knew the weather forecast leading up to this weekend, but we decided to do the hike anyway.  You’re only in Portland once right? (not really, but it was a recurring joke throughout the weekend)

Take a look at these pictures and infer what could be wrong:

IMG_3663 13646914_10157180643465078_986943917_o

If you said “Eddie, Katrina, Lauren and Stacy are intelligently clothed for the weather, and Josh and Travis are not”, you are correct.  In fact, even if I wanted to be, I don’t own any sort of rain gear.  Travis and I just had the cotton jackets that you see.  Luckily, I last minute tech-switched to jeans instead of shorts and threw my umbrella into my backpack.  As for Travis, he trekked on as is; he went about as if a Pokemon with swift swim.  After a few uphill switchbacks, it began to rain harder.  I felt silly using my umbrella in front of Portland natives, but it was better than being soaking wet.  The rain and the uphills certainly made things a little miserable, but still we pushed forward and made the most of photo opportunities.

IMG_3658 IMG_3659

I kept waiting patiently for Eddie to say something along the lines of:

vPD5S87(his favorite gif)

..but he never did.  Or maybe he did, I don’t know, the rain can be noisy.  We battled many more instances of uphill walking with scattered breaks here and there.  Lauren did an excellent job of making sure we didn’t burn out.  Eventually, we reached a plateau and the grey clouds turned to white; the sun broke through and just like that, all our negative thoughts were washed away.

IMG_3670 IMG_3675

It was all downhill from here, in a good sense of course.  We ran into a couple of park rangers and they warned us of the rocky path going down.  It wasn’t treacherous or anything, but wet rocks can be slippery.  Eddie slipped and fell on his bottom at one point.  As the road smoothed out, I had a chance to take a creeper shot of Eddie and Katrina taking a creeper shot of Lauren and Stacy.

IMG_3674 IMG_3669

We hit a fork in the road and were a bit confused as to which direction to go.  Upon further inspection of a sign, we saw we got some help from previous hikers:

IMG_3673(dead end, you’re welcome // Wakheena falls ->)

After a few more downhill switchbacks, we found a waterfall for premium photo opportunities.  Though, it did take a bit of effort to get to.  We had to scale some rocks and hop across logs.

IMG_3676 IMG_3688

Then, we took a lunch break.


We finished off the trail that lead us to Multnomah Falls.  It’s famous for being Oregon’s tallest waterfall.  In hindsight, it was very smart of us to start the trail where we did.  Towards the end, we came across many people and parts of the trail became congested.  The “real” trail start had a visitor center, gift shop and food carts; a real tourist trap.  Parking was a nightmare by the time we left.

IMG_3680 IMG_3687

We went back to the house to rest and shower.  It wasn’t long before some of us were hungry again, so we headed out to dinner early.  We decided to go to Cartopia, an encirclement of food carts where we could share and try all the things.

IMG_3691(poutine, lamb plate, fajita burritos, pizza)

Next on our to-do list was going to Apex Bar.  Not a beer guy either, I enjoyed their water while others indulged.  Other than enjoying how silly my friends can be when they are slightly inebriated, we spent some time at the pinball machines.

IMG_3693 IMG_3694

**I feel like I should note for my readers that my friends indeed drank responsibly.

To top off the day, we went to Voodoo Doughnut.  They have an interesting assortment of doughnuts, many of which are just too gimmicky for me.  Feel free to see for yourself.  Anyway, I ended up sharing a Viscous Hibiscus with Travis.

IMG_3695 IMG_3696

We actually brought back our doughnuts to the house to eat.  It also gave us a chance to celebrate Lauren’s belated birthday with a fruit tart.  And that was it for the evening, we were too tired to do anything else.

IMG_3678Adventure is out there!


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