A Weekend in Portland, Day 3

7/10/16, Sunday

For this morning, I woke up to find Lauren sneaking out to get people coffee.  He tasked me with making breakfast with whatever was left in the fridge, that is 1.5 packs of turkey sandwich meat, 3 pieces of cheese, and 7 pieces of bread (end pieces included).  I took the opportunity to do some experimenting, making a reverse sandwich (meat-bread-meat) and turkey wrapping the last piece of bread.  Don’t worry, I still made normal grilled sandwiches for others to eat (though I did burn one..).


We woke up early so that we could clean up the house and finish packing our things.  We didn’t want to rush before checkout time.  When we finished, Eddie took a moment to teach us how to shave like a man (ie. use a man’s shaving kit).  It’s an interesting process, and perhaps someday I’ll have enough facial hair to put it into practice.

IMG_3702(he’s quite the teacher)

We checked out and left for our next destination, Blue Star Donuts.  Despite being a Sunday morning, there was still a long line out the door.  The unrelenting cool wind didn’t really help either.  Still a bit health conscious, but curious about the hype, I shared an apple cider fritter with Travis.

IMG_3707 IMG_3708

After second breakfast, we went to the Lan Su Chinese Garden.  It wasn’t as extensive as the Japanese garden, nor was it nearly as big, but it was still pretty cool to walk around.  If I had infinity money, I would love to have a backyard garden similar to it.  My only gripe with the place is that it’s in the middle of the city.  Which means that sometimes the peaceful atmosphere is marred by the fact that there is a tall business building in plain sight.  Nonetheless, plenty of photo opportunities.

IMG_3709IMG_3712 IMG_3713 IMG_3710IMG_3715 IMG_3718

We decided that we wanted to check out the tea house in the garden.  None of us had tea this whole trip, so it was enticing.  The ambiance was nice, and it’s certainly been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a good cup of tea.  Ignoring the fact that they just serve you Tao of Tea brand tea and it is a place titled as its product, it was a good time.  It was a nice chance for the six of us to relax and kind of unpack the trip a little bit after all the walking, eating and hiking.  Serving the tea in mini teapots or gaiwan tea cups depending on the chosen tea leaf was a nice touch too.

IMG_3722 IMG_3721

When we were done with tea time, we explored the last bits of the garden.  We did the Chinese fortune sticks thing and had a story time led by Lauren.

IMG_3723 IMG_3725

IMG_3728 IMG_3729

We got back to the car and deduced that we would have just enough time to go to Pine State Biscuits.  We ordered our lunch to go and ate it pretty quickly in the car.  We were supposed to try this place out earlier in our trip, but we weren’t able to.  Great Sunday afternoon food.


Anyway, we had a plane to catch, so we drove to the airport to return our rental van.  And this was the moment that Eddie discovered bananas in his duffel; they were placed there by Katrina earlier in the morning.  We took the shuttle to the airport from the car rental area and split with Travis, since he was on a different flight.  We got through the TSA okay and were early to our gate.  The perfect end to a good trip, right?  Wrong.  Our flight was delayed by about 30 minutes.  And though our pilot did a really good job of pushing the pedal to get us to LAX pretty much on time, we ended up being stuck on the plane for another 15 minutes.  An international flight had landed at the same time, and they got to deplane first.  This would have been fine, but the air stopped working, so we were sitting in a slow heating oven..

Despite that, I very much enjoyed this trip.  It was a cool change in scenery (and weather) and Portland people are so nice.  Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more so if I were a coffee snob.  There were many parts of the trip where it didn’t feel like we were too far from home.  A little essence of Downtown LA here and some Downtown Pasadena there.  Should life force me to move out there, I wouldn’t be mad at that (I think).  It was a great mixture of food, friends, adventure and living in an Airbnb was cool too.

Until next time.. (where we’ll ride this thing!)



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