Pokemon Memories


With all the hype and craze of Pokemon Go being passed around, I can’t help but reminisce on the nostalgia surrounding it.  I’m still not going to play it, in fear that I will be too into it.  It’s true that pretty much everyone plays.  A few of my office mates that are ~40 year old women talk daily about Pokemon Go and their latest encounters.  Apparently their middle school sons got them hooked.  I meant to write this post earlier, but I got caught up in some other things.

Anyway, time for some memories.

I remember learning about the concept of Pokemon during one Saturday afternoon at my cousin’s house.  It was a simpler time, so going over to play and what not was a common occurrence.  If my memory serves me correctly, this was around the time he had broken his arm.  The mystery of all the different types of Pokemon and their respective attacks; so interesting and cool for my 3rd grade self.  It wasn’t too long after watching him play a bit that I wanted a copy of the game.  I chose Blue version because I like the color blue and because my brother chose Red.  Perfectly fine logic, right?

My very first Pokemon was Bulbasaur.  I remember this because I thought it was pronounced bubble-saur, and so I figured he was the water type.  I was so eager to play that I didn’t check and just went with it.

I spent a portion of the game being underleveled, because I caught pretty much caught every new Pokemon I saw and I was scared of battling.  I would run away and avoid wild Pokemon and even try to sidestep trainers.

The same cousin that introduced me to the game, Andy, traded me a Ghastly very early into the game.  It was cool until it stopped listening to me because I didn’t have enough badges.  The boosted experience was nice too, it would eventually become the first Pokemon I legitimately trained to level 100.  This is partly why Gengar is my favorite Pokemon.

My First Pokemon roster consisted of Venusaur, Gengar, Pidgeot, Dugtrio, Nidoqueen and Articuno.  I had a Golem, but I traded it away to Andy.  We had a Pokemon battle and he wagered his Level 70 Dragonite.  It was his Dragonite versus my entire team of ~lvl 40 Pokemon.  Naive me thought I could win.  He almost Hyper Beam swept me, except Hyper Beam can’t hit Gengar.

I barely beat the elite four and Gary at the end of the game.  After battling Lance, I had two Pokemon left.  It came down to me using a PP Up and Max Ether on Articuno’s Blizzard, so that it could sweep his entire team.  For some reason, I refused to “black out” in the game.  I know you only lose a little in-game money, but still, it was like the end of the world to me.

I went on to play Silver, Sapphire, Leaf Green, Diamond and Black versions.  And then after that, I stopped.  I stopped caring to keep up with the latest Pokemon and I think I grew out of playing a DS.  Keeping up with 649 Pokemon was too much (and now there’s more).

BUT before I stopped, I got into competitive Pokemon battling.  I remember coming home from high school to watch the latest MTG Xerxes battle video.  And to a lesser extent, ZeldaMasterTimmy and TheShadowProjekt (whom have deleted their accounts for some reason).  I didn’t know many people that battled, so I did most of Pokemon battling on a simulator, Shoddy.  Now known as Pokemon Showdown.

During Generation IV, my favorite Pokemon battle team consisted of Azelf, Lickilicky, Gengar, Steelix, Bronzong and Jolteon.  The team centered around the fact that ⅚ of them used Explosion and Jolteon was there to finish everyone off.  No one ever saw it coming.


During Generation V, my favorite Pokemon battle team consisted of Ninetails, Venusaur, Salamence, Shedinja, Donphan and Cresselia.  This was a “Sunny Day” team.  It was horribly underrated and difficult to play.  The wins felt so rewarding though.

trainercard-gimsh (1)

Enough Pokemon memories for now.. perhaps more will come to me later?


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