It was a couple weeks before we started our freshmen year of college.  We had just eaten dinner together and we decided the night was still young, so we all gathered in Caleb’s van.  “We”, of course, refers to Matt, Stu, Caleb, Marty and me.

We had graduated.  We attended our last mission’s trip with HSMT and Summer Camp as high schoolers.  Our High School glory days were over.  Summer was ending.  It would be the start of a new era.

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We talked about our anxieties and expectations of college and how our orientation weekends went.  Frankly, I don’t really remember what we talked about, and it’s not like anyone of us wrote it down.  Most of it was probably common topics; a fresh start, choosing a major, dorm expectations, making friends, and what not.  Other than which Christian fellowship we each planned to attend, I don’t think we talked about anything remotely spiritual.  Plus, we all assumed we’d pretty much be coming back every weekend, so we could check up on each other then.  And well, we did come home for every Sunday, and saw each other in Sunday School.

Moments like those where we huddled together to have serious or semi-serious talks would be commonplace, especially during extended quarter/semester breaks.  

Fast forward a year and some change.  Once more, we gathered together.  This time, it would be in the “butt cave”.  That is, the side of the staircase that leads to the choir room at church.  We called it the “butt cave” because calling it the “bat cave” would be too plain, duh.  We spent many a Sunday afternoon there in high school, so we decided to meet there for some privacy and for old times’ sake.

After a freshman year of battles, victories, new friends, broken hearts and more, we reconvened to discuss things.  You see, we were convicted by the sermon to be more intentional with our accountability.  Webcam Bible studies, prayer chains over phone calls and message threads were only as effective as our respective schedules would permit.  We needed something that wouldn’t fall apart to schedule conflicts and/or laziness.  With experience, Matt knew that we had to do something other than renew our accountability vows.  He proposed something that would be better at catering to our location and needs.


Matt suggested we find a discipler.  An older figure, to help guide each individual during this period of time.  Someone that knew what they were doing.  Someone that could help keep us on track.  I think at that point we all kind of had someone in mind.  We gave ourselves a homework assignment to ask someone to disciple us.

I’m not sure why I bring this up, I just thought it was a cool keystone memory.  A moment where we all wanted something, and we all obtained it.

Matt was discipled by Brian
Stu was discipled by Lawrence
Caleb was discipled by Wilhelm
Marty was discipled by Joseph
I was discipled by Matt


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