The Good Feels

Let’s talk about things that feel good.

When it’s Saturday morning, cold in your room, but extra warm and comfy in your bed.  It feels so good you don’t want to move or get out so you stay in bed for most of the morning.


Having a satisfying poop after a large meal (KBBQ, AYCE Sushi, or Holidays).

A hot beverage on a rainy day.


Ramen or Pho on a cold day.

Lazy Sunday afternoon naps.


When you’re super congested, so you eat food with extra hot sauce or wasabi, so that when you blow your nose all the mucus comes out and you can breathe again.

Sitting down after a long day of walking or standing around.

When you get something out of your teeth that was stuck there.

That one burp that makes it so you don’t feel bloated anymore.

What are some other good feelings?


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