Desert Bus for Hope

A while ago, I discovered the comedy troupe known as LoadingReadyRun.  I enjoy watching their videos from time to time as it it appeals to my nerdy side.  Their content usually consists of things about video games, board games and card games; among other nonsense.  Notably and once a year, they host an event called Desert Bus for Hope, which I’ll let you read about here.

I remember hearing about this event, but never thought much of it.  When November rolled around, I had remembered it by chance.  I read some articles about it, saw some snippets and found some gifs; I decided this was something I wanted to be participate in.

During the week that it aired, I tuned in with whatever little free time I had.  Admittedly, I would sometimes watch a little bit during my lunch breaks.  I made an account so that I could immerse myself in the chaos that is Twitch chat.  You would think that a lot of things go unnoticed in chat, but they do a pretty good job of keeping tabs on what’s being said.  I was the one that asked what ‘creepy doll’ was.  You can view that snippet here.

I even submitted a question for their trivia:

Part of the reason why I tuned in was because I had found out they had sold out of their exclusive pins within the first day.  Remember, tell Josh something is exclusive or limited edition, and he’ll want it so bad.  The only way to get one after that announcement was to win a raffle or auction.


So then I made a donor account and brainstormed on what to bid on.  Part of the appeal of a charity auction is that some people use it as a money sink to get a better tax break.  These generous donors set the bar high with some items going for thousands of dollars.  I’m not swimming in money so I kind of had to look for reasonable things to bid on.  I eventually won a silent auction for two tickets to see a screening of “Director’s Cut”, a movie produced and written by Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller).  Of course, the tickets were for a theater in San Francisco, so they were of little use to me.  There was a bit of a mixup as I waited to receive said tickets, which lead me to be in direct contact with Penn’s wife (text messaging) for a bit.  I thought it was cool that I wasn’t just forwarded to some support personnel, but rather straight to the source.

In addition, the auction lot includes the following:

A signed copy of a Spider-Man / Deadpool comic that featured Penn and Teller:


A signed magic kit:


A signed copy of Penn’s book, “Presto!”:


All pretty neat, though I was happiest to see my pin come in the mail:


All cool stuff aside, donating to this cause felt especially good.  It hit home the more I learned about Child’s Play and what they do.  I remembered the time my sister was in the hospital and how boring and dull life must have been for her during that period.  I thought about how there are probably a lot of kids out there that don’t have parents by their side the whole time, Netflix or a stack of their brother’s DVD collection.  How tragic if there wasn’t even a TV in their hospital room!  Anyway, I can relate a little bit.  I’ll leave you all with these:


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