A Review of 2016

I was laid off and became unemployed.  And after ten weeks of diligently looking, I was offered a job at Kaiser Permanente.  You may read all about that here:

[ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ]  [ Part 5 ]  [ Part 6 ]

I said goodbye to a good friend.


R.I.P. Titus

I reached legend in Hearthstone.


I 4-0’d my first prerelease.


Eldritch Moon, Midnight Prerelease

I saw Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl.


I went to Disneyland


I was gifted a Fitbit, which has made me all the more healthier and motivated to exercise.  Though I wish my results were as visible as my girlfriend’s.


I travelled to San Diego twice.  First to celebrate Cheeseburger Eddie and Katrina’s engagement and then to celebrate a cousin’s high school graduation.

I travelled to Sacramento / San Francisco with family to visit my sister.  You may recollect that here:

[ Day 1 ]  [ Day 2 ]  [Day 3 ]

I travelled to Portland with friends.  You may recollect that here:

[ Day 1 ]  [ Day 2 ]  [Day 3 ]

I travelled to Las Vegas with my extended family for Labor Day Weekend.  It gave me a chance to try Shake Shack for myself.


I travelled to Joshua Tree National Park for Cheeseburger Eddie’s Bachelor Party.


I travelled to Pismo Beach, for much needed catch up time with friends.


For the first time, I officially served as both a camp director and a camp counselor.

I served in women’s tea.


I went to what felt like so many weddings.  Congratulations to the Sha’s, the Cheng’s, the Chan’s, and the Ho’s.





I won a charity auction.

I successfully escaped 4 exit games.  First with my Hikoi small group, twice with my coworkers for team building and once more with my family.


Villain’s Lair @ Exit Game [23% completion rate]


School of Sorcery @ Exit Game [40% completion rate]


The Lab @ Exit Game [45% completion rate]


The CSI Room @ Logiquit [30% completion rate]

On to 2017…


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