Locks and Key

Growing up, one of the house rules was that we were not allowed to lock the doors to our bedrooms.  Well, actually my parents allowed themselves to lock their own door, because they’re the parents.  And, it didn’t take long before my sister gained the privilege to lock her door “because she’s a girl”.  And there would be times I would be locked out of my own room because my brother was studying.  So really, unless I was in the bathroom, only I was not allowed to lock a door.  I never really asked for the real reasons behind it; even to this day I chalk it up to being the middle child.

My sister made a habit out of locking her door.  Whether she was taking her daily 3 hour nap or just on her computer, it remained locked.  It was such a habit, that she often locked herself out of her own room.  To which, she would always come bursting into our room and walk through the conjoining bathroom.  It was pretty annoying at times.

The locks on our doors are actually simple button door knobs.  That is, all you need is a toothpick or paperclip to stick into the other side to unlock the door.  Unless my mom was in a hurry to wake up my sister, she would try to refrain from coming through my room to get to my sister.

So, when I was still into Gundams and building its models, I had an Altron.

You can actually remove the fancy the blades from the ends of its weapon, and you would be left with a ~3 inch gray stick.  I found that stick to be quite effective in unlocking doors.  I showed my mom this when she had trouble finding something to get my sister’s door open.  One day I came home and my mom told me the stick had snapped in half.  I wasn’t mad or sad or anything as I was pretty much growing out of Gundams at that point.  Over the years, it’s broken a few more times and is still being used.

Now that my sister has grown she takes 4 hour naps and as small as that stick is, it’s still has enough reach to unlock the door.


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