A Snapchat Study of Sacremento, Day 1

4/22/17, Saturday

Commentary: (Read along as each picture or video appears)

-Woke up at 6am.  You’d think it would okay since I wake up at 7am every morning for work.  But since it’s Saturday, waking up at any time before 9 can be hard.

-We arrived at John Wayne airport.  We got there early on purpose so we could have breakfast and Starbucks.

-So accustomed to dealing with LAX security and traffic that we arrived too early.  Note to self that we can sleep in an extra 20 or 30 minutes next time.

-Unfortunately, I can’t sleep on airplanes.

-Sweet Snapchat filter.

-What’s the story behind the giant bunny in Sacramento’s airport?  Beats me.

-Got picked up by my sister who was “running late”.  As always, she’ll never turn down an opportunity to pose for a picture or video.

-I not so secretly pinned that MTG advertisement card there back in July 2016.  I was pleasantly pleased and surprised that she kept it.

-Met up with our parents who arrived the day before and sister’s boyfriend for brunch at Cafe Rolle.

-Foie Gras Sandwich.  What more need I say?

-I don’t drink coffee, so instead I snap the moment.

-My sister lead us to this really nice rose garden, but unfortunately it was closed/reserved for the day due to a wedding.

-So we proceeded to walk around it instead of through it instead.

-The perfect season for roses.

-A mouse’s mansion.

-Casa Yu = sister’s boyfriend’s house.  This is where I would be spending the night, in his office.

-We watched Planet Earth in his home theatre and had tea while my nose recovered from Sacramento allergies.

-Apparently, just around the corner of his house, is the Sacramento River.  So we walked along it.

-Had to seize the photo opportunity of course.

-We found a dock.  Imagine what this might have looked like a year ago during drought season.

-Persian food for dinner as our parents met his parents.

-Some people just have to take a picture of everything don’t they?

-8:30pm on a Saturday night and this place is still quite packed with a line out the door.  Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between mango and strawberry fruit freeze.

-15,435 steps.  I normally have to do some jogging to reach that number.



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